Foodie Body – Insurance that works

Foodie Body has developed a new type of health insurance that pays you back based on how you eat.  The average person spends $640,261 to $1,200,000 on health insurance over their lifetime. Why should health insurance companies and health care providers get rich off your back?  Our solution partners with you to potentially save as […]

Celebrating Centenarians

Celebrating Centenarians Living your best life past age 65 is even better than drinking a fine bottle of wine of first growth vintage.  The famous management scientist Peter Drucker once said, “it was not until I was 65 when I figured things out!” In fact, Peter Drucker actual wrote two-thirds of his 40+ books after […]

Holistic Health

Holistic Health While some choose a term such as Integrative Medicine (IM), which is a form healing –  oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle. The term is pejorative at best and most often it is used by someone on the payroll of big medicine or big pharma […]

Measuring Immune System Response

Measuring Immune System Response The human immune system is highly variable between individuals and much may be learned by studying the patterns of immunology.  What does this mean to us in an age of high percentages of the population with chronic disease and vaccine and antibiotic mania?  The answer or better yet, a framework for […]

Grain Brain – Is it true?

Grain Brain? Is it true? Nutrition Unpacked David Perlmutter wrote a popular book in 2013 which was practical in many respects and accurate in many respects.  However, when I speak with people who read the book, their take away is not based in knowledge or scientific data. As with many in science, I do think […]

How Diet effects Natural Collagen Production and our Skin

How Diet effects our Skin and Natural Collagen Production Collagen Unpacked Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Therefore, it can be divided into many types. The most common types of collagen are types I through V each serving different functions. Contrary to trends in the media, taking “Collagen Supplements” will actually […]


Epigenetics How what you eat effects your genes? Did you know it is not just what you eat and how it effects you, but what you eat will effect your children, your childrens children and your childrens childrens children? Definitions The term epigenetics in its contemporary usage emerged in the 1990s, but for some years […]

Reverse Coronary Heart Disease Through Diet

Reverse Coronary Heart Disease Through Diet Did you know you can totally reverse Coronary Heart Disease? Coronary Angiogram over time with whole foods based diet After 18 months on whole foods based diet.  Epithelial cells have shown healing as stem cells replace damaged cells which have been removed.  After these dietary changes, a full healing […]


Water Serves: Unlimited Cook Time: None Prep Time: None Calories: 0 What is really in your bottled water?  Consumer reports found toxic PFAS chemicals in several water brands.  This is no surprise and consistent with our research in the video above where we outline the risks in standard water filtration techniques as well as buying […]

Foodie Body Search

Foodie Body personalizes your food search with your lab chemistry Foodie Body has developed a way for people to search not based on location and past search queries, but rather on their personal chemistry and bioinformatics. Have you ever wanted a meal that was designed for your chemistry? Foodie Body makes that happen by producing […]