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How can Avocado Quinoa Citrus Salad help me with my health needs?

Quinoa (a native crop of the Andean Region of South America) is known as a “complete protein” offering more than nine essential amino acids all with the benefit of no cholesterol based side effects which contribute to neurological disorders, heart disease and diabetes. Avocado is in important natural fat which the body needs again without the downside of dietary cholesterols impact on health and the body.   Try our recommended variation to maximize intake of Vitamin C, proteins,  sulforaphane and other anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights free radical damage and keeps your skin healthy and firm, while vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient involved in over 140 bodily reactions.  Both of these elements are in abundance from the citrus and jalapeno peppers.

Capsaicin (found in many of this recipes ingredients) has strong anti-cancer properties and is capable of killing over 40 types of cancer cells without harming normal cells.  Saponins (found in many of this recipes ingredients) are naturally occurring surface active glycosides mainly produced by plants, besides some bacteria and lower marine animals. Their structure consists of a sugar moiety linked to a hydrophobic aglycone called sapogenin. The sugar moiety may contain glucose, galactose, rhamnose, methylpentose, glucuronic acid or xylose, while the aglycone portion may be a steroid or a triterpene. Steroidal saponins are mainly abundant in monocotyledons, while dicotyledons predominantly contain triterpenoid saponins. Saponins may help reduce cholesterol levels, strengthen the immune system, treats diabetes, and inhibit tumor growth. They also improve lipid metabolism and may help prevent and treat obesity. 

Sulforaphane is a compound within the isothiocyanate group of organosulfur compounds. It is obtained from cruciferous vegetables such as peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, bok choy and cabbages.  In these foods, it’s in the inactive form glucoraphanin that belongs to the glucosinolate family of plant compounds.

As in the video shown below, these compounds have the proven ability to modulate cancer cell growth in top medical journals.




1    8-9 oz. package of Quinoa


2-3  Ripe Avocadoes cut into cubes

1   large Orange

1/3 cup diced pecans

1 Jalapeno diced
1 Red Onion
1  tablespoon local honey

1/2 orange squeezed for the juice

1 teaspoon salt to taste

1 teaspoon olive oil

1 cup Arugula or Fresh Sprouts to top
Lightly oil with olive oil the forming dish for the tower with your fingers


Step 1

Prepare quinoa according to package directions while cutting the Vegetable ingredients. Set aside when fully cooked.


The Veggies

Step 2

Peel avocados and chop 1 avocado into small pieces. Mash remaining avocados. Peel and segment orange. Chop orange slices and remove seeds.  Chop the 


Step 3

Combine quinoa, chopped avocado, orange pieces, diced pecans and onions in a large bowl. Whisk together mashed avocado, orange juice, honey, olive oil, seasoned salt and pepper in a small bowl. Add to the quinoa mixture and gently stir until well combined.


Lightly oil the ramekins with your fingers and olive oil before packing the mixture firmly into ramekins. Cover with plastic wrap, pressing to cover entire surface; refrigerate at least 1 hour, until ready to serve. Unmold onto salad plates and top with salad greens, if using. Drizzle with vinaigrette or local honey.

Customized Solutions for your body and chemistry

Just as epigenetics can cause issues such as metabolic syndrome, cancer, heart disease, mental disorders, auto-immune disease and diabetes, food can also ameliorate these conditions. To learn more on if the first steps of a plant based whole foods plan are right for you create a free account and review the 30 day Foodie Body plan.  There is no charge to participate and the search engine will customize your food results to help improve your independently verified labs.  Consult your physician before commencing on a dietary change to ensure it is right for you.


Watch us make Avocado Quinoa Citrus Salad

How can Avocado Quinoa Citrus Salad help you with your health needs?

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