Avocado Quinoa Citrus Salad

Avocado Quinoa Citrus Salad Nutrition Unpacked How can Avocado Quinoa Citrus Salad help me with my health needs? Quinoa (a native crop of the Andean Region of South America) is known as a “complete protein” offering more than nine essential amino acids all with the benefit of no cholesterol based side effects which contribute to […]

Mexican Quinoa and Red Bean Soup

Mexican Quinoa and Red Bean Soup Serves: 6 Cook Time: Simmer Soup for 30-40 mins Prep Time: 15 min Calories: 218 Mexican Quinoa and Red Bean Soup first principles science from Foodie Body:  Complete proteins while lowering brain and heart clogging cholesterol and reducing body inflammation.   Plant based meals are important to balance with a […]