April 2002 CirclesX LLC
Simpson Holdings Founded

Simpson Holdings, Inc, a Texas Company founded as a Technology, Risk Management, Data and Trading holding company.  Bootstrapped for the first 17 years.

June 2005 CirclesX LLC
Vantage Advisors Launched

Vantage Advisors Launched as a commodity hedge fund and big data energy business.  Thank you Dwight Anderson and Eric Vincent of Ospraie for your $100 MM seed investment.

2013 - CirclesX LLC
Mission work in India, Pakistan and Africa

While teaching tennis and entrepreneurship classes in India, Pakistan and Africa rural farmers had a need for a commodity exchange to the mobile phone.  Why don't we make the world's first geolocation Wall Street grade exchange to the mobile phone? Check out Lobbing Love, our charity.

September 2016 CirclesX LLC
First Geolocation Exchange Patent Grant

First Geolocation Exchange Patent Grant.  Interfacing location data from satellites, Wall Street Grade Exchanges and Social networks to provide solutions to developing countries as well as transforming asset based companies into digital platform companies to help them increase margins.  From Carbon, Virtual Power Plants, Location Based Agriculture, Transit, Freight, Parking, Tolling, Data, Time, Legal Claims, Sanitation, Education and Weather to Virtual Items in Augmented Reality over Blockchain (EpiChains) and location based exchanges.

April 2017 CirclesX LLC
First Bioinformatic Search Patent Grant

Search engines of the past were designed to let you search for food and you would be guided to a restaurant location.

Foodie Body Search was designed around you and your biomarkers.  Have you ever wanted a meal that was designed for your chemistry?  Foodie Body makes that happen by producing search results over meal food chemistry optimized for your personal chemistry.  We eat three or more times a day, so why shouldn't that experience be full of chemistry and love.

June 2017 CirclesX LLC
First Girls and Boys Tennis Scholarships Awarded

Partnerships formed with the Mali Tennis Federation and Pakistan Tennis Federation.  Visit Lobbing Love.

June 2019 CirclesX LLC
SimpsX Technologies LLC Formed

Technology holding company formed for intellectual property assets and outside capital investment of $2 Million.  Thank you Ken and John for your support.

November 2020 CirclesX LLC
18 Years, 120 patents filed, 6 patent grants

We have often been advised, write down your thoughts, you never know what will happen.  Who would have thought the first patent 10 years ago would turn into more than 120?

December 2020 CirclesX LLC
Insurance Tech Launched on CirclesX Platform

Insurance Tech Exchange platform enabled on CirclesX and investments in VaultsX Series I LP for accredited investors in Texas Storm Uri Claims and a General Claim and IP Fund.  Trademarked Legal Blockchain and utility patented technology.