The Year in Search 2021

Across the world, people searched for information on “hope” during what has been a season most will not forget.  Search has never more been about finding glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; and perseverance proven character; and proven character, hope ; and hope does not disappoint.   We collectively reflected on these sufferings by asking important questions, like “what is my purpose” and “how can I help others” and “what are my values and goals?” 

As we dug deep to face the formidable “Goliath” in the the form of the pandemic, many David’s emerged stronger through perseverance with more character and with more hope.   Additional megatrends in search emerged as the Goliath Pandemic forced more of us online and we had questions such as,  “how much time am I spending online in social media accounts” and “what am I searching for online” and “is it good that everything about me is sold to advertisers who then pay to have my data and desires twisted into feedback loops that make me depressed?”  These crises of faith and trust in some of these systems has brought us to a tipping point as we realized that Goliath may be certain technologies on our devices.  While the our low level functional needs may have been met by these Goliath like tools by “saving time” or “avoiding hassles” by shopping or spending time on social media catching up with many friends in a quick manner, it may have been at the expense of much higher functional needs such as hope, self actualization, experiences or belonging.

To help combat those Goliaths and Wolves, we will strive with you at Sheep Dog Search to watch over the flock.  To help people find credible, timely information, we updated Sheep Dog Search EpiChains (which give you linked events to topics you search for while providing you security, protection and recovery), and worked with national and international partners to help people find the unseen with what may be seen.  When you are confronted by a Wolf or Goliath in your search, we will try to alert you and provide an opportunity for you to be a David and stand up to these formidable foes in the form of a recovery.  Together, we can make a difference and we can make the idea of the internet as a meadow or field of flowers to defeat Goliaths and to empower your David like dreams and give you wings to soar into a future of hope.

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