Reverse Coronary Heart Disease Through Diet

Did you know you can totally reverse Coronary Heart Disease?

Coronary Angiogram over time with whole foods based diet

After 18 months on whole foods based diet.  Epithelial cells have shown healing as stem cells replace damaged cells which have been removed.  After these dietary changes, a full healing has occurred in a 49 year old person.  Improved lifestyle!

After 9 months on whole foods based diet.  Epithelial cells have shown partial healing as stem cells replace damaged cells which have been removed. The dietary changes are starting to show signs of increased breathing capacity and fitness.

Initial evaluation with 80% blockage and heavily damaged epithelial cells.  This degree of narrowing is associated with significantly reduced blood flow to the heart muscle and can cause symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath.

Coronary heart disease typically involves damaged epithelial cells which make up the walls of your circulatory system.  While there are many approaches to the treatment of symptoms such as blockage and cellular damage, the traditional approach of statin family drugs or even surgery will place you right back in the same position 1-3 years later.  The treatment of symptoms is not treatment at all and arguably is even a violation of the Hippocratic Oath.


Rather than mire in the treatment of symptoms, we encourage you to go after the root cause which is your diet.  The side effects of a diet change will even reduce headaches, depression, insomnia, weight gain and even a better appearance.  The root causes of coronary heart disease is food, not you.


The benefits of a dietary approach are an approach that will actually heal your condition as well as provide a plurality of health benefits such as weight loss, mental acuity, cognitive improvements and recall, endurance and a longer life amongst other benefits.

There are three arteries that run over the surface of the heart and supply it with blood.


There is one artery on the right side, and two arteries on the left side. The one on the right is known as the right coronary. On the left side, which is the main side, we have the left anterior descending (LAD) that runs down the front of the heart and supplies the front and main wall, and then the left circumflex that supplies the sidewall. If you look carefully, a major artery called the left main artery supplies the LAD and the circumflex.

To learn more on if the first steps of a plant based whole foods plan are right for you create a free account and review the 30 day Foodie Body plan.  There is no charge to participate and the search engine will customize your food results to help improve your independently verified labs.  Consult your physician before commencing dietary or drug changes as each person has unique medical needs and risks.


Reverse Coronary Heart Disease Through Diet

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